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“Ding! Lili’s Favorability towards you has increased by 2,000 points.”

All of the sudden, Yaeger was stunned after hearing the system’s announcement.

‘Giving her a piece of candy raised her favorability by two thousand points For real’ She was in disbelief.

However, after some deliberation, she realized that she had only fed her candy thus far.

“Lili, do you still want more candy” Yaeger decided to try something out since she wouldn’t lose anything anyway.

Hearing that, Lili shook her head gently.

‘It only works once’ Yaeger felt pity.

Yet, she then realized that Lili was blushing after looking at her.

“Lili, are you not feeling well” She came closer and placed her palm on top of Lili’s forehead, without approval.

It was very smooth and slightly warm.

“I… I’m fine!” Lili became flustered and shook her head hard.

“Good to hear that.

If you feel uncomfortable, make sure to voice it out.” At this moment, Yaeger seemed like a gentle elder sister that was taking care of her younger sister.

Lili nodded gently as her gaze wandered around.

Her heartbeat seemed to be quicker than it always had.

Yaeger returned to her initial position and opened the game interface to check out the latest news.

The NPCs wouldn’t notice the majority of the player’s abnormal actions and certain occurrences—for example, they wouldn’t notice if the players died and dissipated.

After all these years of observation and analysis, Yaeger deduced that the NPCs perception of reality was twisted by one or many external forces.

‘There’s too many secrets in this game.

As long as I can unravel a part of that, then I’ll obtain endless benefits from it!’ Yaeger smirked.

As a reborn individual, she definitely had what it took to discover those secrets.

As long as she was capable enough to do so.

Still, those things would only happen in the foreseeable future.

Hence, Yaeger discarded these pointless thoughts since she still had lots of problems to deal with right now.

Beep Beep!

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There was a new message in her mailbox.

Yunuen Lin: Princess, I did it.

However… sob sob sob… I just want to hide in a hole somewhere!

After reading the message, Yaeger half squinted with a face full of confusion.

‘What does that mean’

She waited for a while after replying to the message but Yunuen didn’t reply.

‘She got addicted to refining medicine That’s a good thing.’

Closing the game interface, Yaeger suddenly remembered something and then instantly asked Lili, “Lili, a question.”

“What” At this moment, Lili replied indifferently since she had calmed down.

“Within your Knight Order, are there any Equipment that gets worn down fairly often” She asked.

Hearing this, Lili slightly tilted her head and then answered after deliberation, “there’s quite a lot of them.

Why are you asking about it”

She was sure that Yaeger wouldn’t ask about it for no reason.

After all, this immensely beautiful [Child of Destiny] was an excellent schemer.

“Then why don’t you repair and maintain those Equipment” Yaeger didn’t answer but continued to ask questions.

“The maintenance costs are too much.

It isn’t worth it.

Throwing them away is a waste, but they are useless if we keep them around anyway.” Lili said.

“Lili, I have a friend.

He’s a very capable craftsman and his service fees are very low.

Are you interested” Yaeger smirked deviously.

“Is that friend of yours named Behn”

“Oh, Lili.

Turns out that you know about him too.”

Yaeger acted like she was very surprised.

She had nearly destroyed Behn’s store yesterday and exploited him greatly.

Since she didn’t bother to hide it, Lili naturally knew about it.

“The lazy man, Behn, is very famous.” Lili spoke in exasperation.

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She already knew what Yaeger was planning to do.

“After some time, he’ll turn into the Behn that loves work with a passion.” Yaeger smiled.

“How about it, Lili Give me all the Knight’s equipment that is scheduled for maintenance and we’ll split the commission fees fifty-fifty.”

The second stage of that quest was to utterly exploit Behn.

It wasn’t an easy feat to completely squeeze an excellent craftsman dry.

Yaeger’s equipment that he repaired back then was highly damaged but that still didn’t work him to the bone.

It was a long way away before he could be squeezed dry.

Now, with the help of the Royal Knights, the second phase would definitely be completed easily.

Not only was she trying to squeeze Behn dry, she also used him to make her money.

(Behn: My spine’s tingling a lot, something’s off…)

“Yes.” Lili agreed quickly.

Since it could solve the problem of losing equipment and earn her extra pocket money, she would be an idiot if she didn’t agree to such a nice deal.

“However, we have quite a lot of equipment.

Are you sure Behn could repair all of them”

“No problem.

As long as you have people watching over him and make sure he doesn’t escape.”

Yaeger ruffled her jet-black hair and smiled radiantly.


Once we’re back, I’ll arrange for people to send the equipment over.” Lili nodded.

“Pleasure to work with you.” Yaeger reached out her hand.

Looking at this flawlessly smooth hand, Lili couldn’t help but lick her lips and then shook the hand.

“Pleasure to work with you.”

As soon as she spoke, a pleasant laugh was heard inside the carriage.

On the other hand, in the equipment store at the end of the street.

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“It’s so cold.

The weather today is nice and pleasant but why am I feeling so cold”

Behn hugged his shoulders and trembled all over.

He felt a bad premonition deep within his heart.

In Layna’s Item Shop.

At this moment, the store entrance was closed.

Its interior was silent and seemingly deserted.

However, the workshop inside was lively.

The master and disciple worked hard to refine medicine.

A pungent smell of herbs filled the air.

‘Turn my anger into strength, turn my shame into motivation.

No, I got it wrong!’

Yunuen shook her head heavily.

She would think about that embarrassing scene that happened back then the moment she calmed down, so she forced herself to refine medicine in full force and occupy her mind.

By turning herself into a medicine-refining robot, she wouldn’t think about any other things.

Outside the store.

More than a dozen figures appeared.

The 2 individuals who led the group were the Warrior and Holy Knight player, who were previously pummeled and killed by Yunuen.

Their faces were filled with anger and bitter spite.

Behind them, a group of guards followed.

Yunuen was currently a Red Player.

Once they reported her to the gods, they would mobilize and capture her, locking her up.

“That murderer is in here!” The Warrior pointed at the store’s entrance and screamed.

The guard captain took a look and realized that it was familiar.

Then, the corner of his eyes twitched as he shouted in his heart, ‘isn’t this the place that Black-hearted Princess is staying at’

“Guard captain, that dangerous murderer hiding right inside.

You must uphold justice on our behalf and arrest her!” The Holy Knight spoke righteously.

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“Arrest my a̲s̲s̲! Are you trying to get us killed” The guard captain suddenly screamed hysterically.

In the current Jade City, there were 2 individuals that nobody could afford to offend.

The first one was the seventh princess, Kastina.

The other was Black-hearted Princess.

Indeed, both of them were infamous and regarded as the scourges of the Empire.

Those who offend them would die!

“Dismissed!” After roaring, the guard captain turned around and commanded his subordinates.

He wasn’t being a coward, he was following his instincts.

Watching as the guards left, both the Warrior and Holy Knight stood still, in deep disbelief.


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