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Little Puppy’s Fairy Fan Site Admin Sister (31)

Screenwriting and acting were both her specialties, and everyone could feel the high level of professionalism and knowledge just by reading her review.

The screenwriter and director of “Fleeting Time” both shared her Weibo post, and two famous professors from the film school also followed suit, praising her analysis of the script and performance, which captured the essence.

They also praised Zhuo Yichen for acting brilliantly indeed.

Once upon a time, people only knew her as a comic book artist and an editor, but they never knew that she had such an in-depth knowledge of screenplays and acting as well.

She was like a treasure that always surprised people without notice.

Moreover, the industry’s approval seemed to indicate that the movie was indeed first-class, and Zhuo Yichen’s performance was genuinely as awesome as Chu Xiang wrote.

Many people who  were indecisive decided to go see the movie.

After seeing Chu Xiang’s film review, the Xingchens restrained their anger, and persuaded each other in the group.

That way everyone would never quarrel with haters, preventing them from generating popularity.

They have all watched the movie and knew how high its quality was along with how strong Zhuo Yichen was.

Now, just like Chu Xiang, they just wanted to publicize Zhuo Yichen’s excellence, so that more people could go to the cinema and watch the movie, instead of quarreling and corrupting Zhuo Yichen’s popularity.

Zhuo Yichen was excellent, and they should be worthy of his excellence.

They must be the most qualified fandom!!

Among the Xingchens, those who could write their own long film review, and those who could not forwarded Chu Xiang’s film review.

Afterwhich, they sincerely praised Zhuo Yichen’s acting skills and expressed their feelings when they were watching the film.

A lot of fans weren’t adept in using fancy words or professional analysis, but they admired Zhuo Yichen most sincerely.

They felt sorry for him, so when they wrote down their feelings, even if they were but a few words, they conveyed their most sincere love to anyone reading.

That was their love for Zhuo Yichen and also for “Fleeting Years”!

Usually once Zhuo Yichen was attacked by a horde of haters, Chu Xiang was the one with the strongest sense of existence.

Because of her own popularity, she would definitely be on the hot search, and then she’d use the best method to lead Xingchens to reverse the situation.

The same was true this time around.

She made into the hot search in the form of a professional film critic.

On the special day of the first day of the New Year, not only did she not clamor for attention, but she also highlighted her knowledge and upbringing.

But what made everyone more amazed was the discipline of the Xingchens.

Many netizens thought that a fan war would break out.

As a result, almost all the Xingchens who fought aggressively two years ago were publishing film reviews, reposting film reviews, and the advantages of the idol, Zhuo Yichen.

Very few deigned to fight with haters.

In retrospect, such a transformation was also quite amazing.

It turned out that they changed in the process of Zhuo Yichen being ridiculed and slandered again and again.

This kind of change was flat-out a miracle.

When Xingchens posted movie reviews, they all posted pictures of movie tickets, affirming that they truly went to see the movie before they spoke.

Compared to those bad comments, the Xingchen fandom seemed to be especially qualified.

It further set off the brainlessness of the haters and directly proved the purchasing power of the Xingchens.

Zhuo Yichen didn’t need to rank first in Chaohua, the top traffic celebrity title, or the illusory solidarity support on the network, his fans’ purchasing power was the strongest support for him!

This wave of film critics appeared to promote “Fleeting Years” to the greatest extent, and it has also effectively reversed the low score impression caused by haters.

This intrigued other people about Fleeting Years and walked into the cinema to watch the movie .

A good film would have been well received, and Director Chen’s Fleeting Years should have been popular.

Because Zhuo Yichen was a traffic idol, haters brought some negative effects to the film, but his fans immediately overturned the negative reviews and pushed the popularity of the film a lot, making it even more popular than expected!

More people watched it, more film reviews appeared, and more people actually gave ratings.

The rating of Fleeting Years slowly rose to 9.6 stars.

Ushered by the spontaneous promotion of the audience, the box office continued to climb, exceeding 1.5 billion in just one week!

The public’s impression of Zhuo Yichen has also been completely reversed.

He was no longer synonymous with traffic idols.

He was a real powerhouse actor!

Fleeting Years was not only added to Director Chen’s accolades, but it also enabled Zhuo Yichen to complete the perfect transformation from a traffic idol to a strength celebrity.

It also allowed many people who follow the online buzz to learn more about Chu Xiang’s professional skills.

Ordinary audiences wouldn’t care about movie dubbings, but netizens would.

When they were deeply moved by the sadistic love of the male and female protagonists in the movie, it was hard not to think that all the words of the female protagonist were dubbed by Chu Xiang.

Chu Xiang’s line skills were superb.

Listening to her voice alone with eyes closed could torture them and make their hearts tremble.

How many abilities did she let people see this time She and her mentor Professor Lin were the chief editors! She was the voice of the heroine, and her lines were sublimely delivered! She could professionally analyze scripts and acting skills! She silently influenced the behavior pattern of the Xingchens! And she flawlessly turned the crisis into publicity again!

Was there something she couldn’t do No one knew.

How much has she not shown No one knew either.

Someone turned to the video of Zhuo Yichen saying at the awards ceremony that ‘her excellence in all aspects has not been shown’.

In the video, stars, akin to worship, were unmistakable in Zhuo Yichen’s eyes fixed on Chu Xiang.


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