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A Pornographic Board (1)

Class 9’s bulletin board caused quite a sensation during the class break.

Strange and outrageous news circulated inside every small private class group.

Anonymous Sherlock Holmes: “Hey, have you guys heard about the earth-shattering gossip”

Passerby A: “What is it What is it Quickly say it.”

Anonymous Sherlock Holmes: “The latest news said that Ruan Qingmu is secretly in love with Niu Xiaoqing.”

Passerby B: “”

Anonymous Sherlock Holmes: “And Niu Xiaoqing is secretly in love with Qin Yuan.”

Passerby C: “”

Lord Sherlock Holmes sent the following screenshot of an old post from last year’s school forum

Several screenshots showed Niu Xiaoqing passionately opening the mic* and persistently calling out for votes for Qin Yuan.

*T/N: Making announcements

“Is top student Qin’s grade not good enough or is his manner of speech at the school opening ceremony not charming enough Or is his front and side profile’s appearance not good-looking enough If you don’t vote for him, will you vote for the male peacock, Fu Songhua, who could only flex his muscles Huh!”

The male peacock, who secretly looked at the small group, was suddenly provoked: “…”

(*  ̄︿ ̄) The hell! He never noticed before how bad this girl was.

He was still new to the school and didn’t even have the time to offend her yet!

Under the anonymity of the Internet, he said, “Huh, there is at least a row of girls secretly in love with Qin Yuan.

Who the hell is she”

Passerby A: “Hehe.

Your face full of jealousy has betrayed you.

Your dissatisfaction with Niu Xiaoqing is spilling out of your six-inch phone screen.”

Fu Songhua: “Class 9’s Niu Xiaoqing is crazy.

Am I wrong”

Anonymous Sherlock Holmes: “This girl, please don’t be emotional.

Listen to me slowly, ah –”

Fu Songhua: “I’m not a girl! You’re a girl, and your whole family is girls!”

Everyone: “…”

Forget about her, that girl was crazy.

Anonymous Sherlock Holmes: “Do you guys still remember Ruan Qingmu went to PK with Boss Qin on the first day of school The story went that Niu Xiaoqing confessed to Qin Yuan and was rejected by him.

Ruan Qingmu then went to seek justice for his beloved woman.

After that, Boss Qin would explain himself, right After the misunderstanding was cleared, they didn’t have any discord between them anymore and became friends.

To please Niu Xiaoqing this time, Ruan Qingmu didn’t not only take the initiative to help with the painting but also brought Boss Qin with him! This is a man in love, ah…”

Everyone: “Σ( °△°|||)︴…”

Was love always so complicated

Passerby C: “Nonsense.

So many girls like Ruan Qingmu now.

His status in the school grass ranking is rapidly rising.

Who will believe that he likes Niu Xiaoqing”

Someone interrupted, “Why are you trying to lag the gossip Ruan Qingmu personally admitted that he adored Niu Xiaoqing just now.

I was there.”

“Right, right.

Liu Siyuan from liberal arts class was so angry that she burst into tears in the middle of the classroom.”

The male peacock, Fu Songhua, scratched his head in confusion.

The class monitor’s good intention of protecting Niu Xiaoqing’s reputation seemed to have been all in vain.

Should he help to clarify this… Let it be.

It wasn’t his business.

Niu Xiaoqing, this woman, was very bad.

Just let her reputation be damaged!

While the gossip spread everywhere in other classes, the class break in Class 9 had a different scene.

There was a crowd of boys surrounding Ruan Qingmu’s seat in the back row.

Ruan Qingmu lay on the desk without any care, wore earphones, and pretended to be asleep.

Bai Jing, the one closest to him, summoned his courage and pushed his classmate.

“Ruan-ge, Ruan-ge Wake up, it’s dawn already.”

Ruan Qingmu couldn’t pretend anymore, took off his earphones, and squinted at him.


Bai Jing said with a  sheepish face, “Did you really draw the blackboard So awesome.

“That’s right, such a master painting skill.”

Ruan Qingmu sighed.

“I’ve already said I drew it.

I will start hitting people if anyone asks me that again.”

Huang Ya piped up at this time, “Ruan-ge, tell me.

Did you learn traditional Chinese painting before”

Ruan Qingmu swept him a cool glance.

“That’s just a doodle, thank you.”

Niu Xiaoqing, who had been listening with her ears pricked up, suddenly let out a shrill cry of excitement.

“I forbid you to say that! This is the highest glory for our class blackboard bulletin and our win doesn’t deserve excessive modesty!”

Ruan Qingmu leaned backward at her high-pitched voice and he helplessly looked at her.


Tang Tiantian’s small apple-shaped face also flushed scarlet; her several tiny freckles became obvious.


This is the first time our class got first place.”

The group of boys in Class 9 suddenly froze.

This was the truth.

Their Class 9 had never come anywhere near first place, whether in the blackboard bulletin evaluation, sports broadcast or even in the New Year’s Eve party and sports competition.


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